I would say to hold the presses but do presses still exist? Anywho, Snooki a.k.a. the fun-loving former party girl star of Jersey Shore, is calling it quits. That’s right—she’s retiring from the show, says the Asbury Park press, quoting an item in hollywoodlife.

Citing the fact that the show just isn’t fun anymore and everybody’s gotten too serious, Snooki is pulling the plug on her GTL (Gym. Tan. Laundry.) career saying, “I am retiring from Jersey Shore....The main reason is really….I just can’t do it anymore. Literally, leaving my kids to film it is really hard on me. I try and quit every single day. I just hate being away from the kids. I don’t like partying three days in a row. It’s just not my life anymore,” according to the report.

Well, who would’ve thought it could happen to Snooki? Snooki, who’s real name is Nicholle Paluzzi had seem to have calm down from her frenzied partying days on the original Jersey Shore by becoming a wife and mom to three children. She did agree, however, to participate in the Jersey Shore reboot called “Jersey Shore: Family Vactaion”

The new show seemed to be working out for Snooki but apparently we were wrong. She announced on her podcast that if the show is renewed for a fourth season, she won’t be back. Snooki has a very common dilemma: career women the world over are constantly being pulled in two directions worrying about how work is taking away from quality time with their families, but I somehow never thought Snooki was that type. I guess it turns out that everyone grows up eventually.. even Snooki.

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