Starting Friday, speakers, boomboxes, and any devices that amplify music are banned from the beach in Seaside Heights. It lasts for the rest of the summer. The Seaside Heights council created the ban in an experiment that will last for 60 days. It was in reaction to complaints of loud music.

This is the same place where Snooki ran amok, right?

They have had issues with people bringing speakers the size of suitcases onto the beach and lifeguards getting into confrontations with these people trying to control the situation. Borough administrator Christopher Vaz says the town has a right to reasonable rules and visitors have a right to quiet.

This is the same place where "Gym, Tan, Laundry" was coined, right?

Hey, I'm not knocking it. It's obnoxious to take things as far as bringing a Madison Square Garden sound system onto the beach. I'm just impressed that the same town that embraced the debauchery and vapid reputation of Jersey Shore is now acting responsibly. Good for them!

Speaking of obnoxious, could we now do something about the smokers, the loud talkers, the people who expect lifeguards to be free babysitters, the litterers, the seagull feeders, the diaper buriers, etc.? Then there are the things we can't ban but wish we could. Biting flies. Seagulls. Sand so hot you might as well try walking on hot coals. Riptides. People not dressing for their size.

The Jersey shore is great but pack your patience. Jean-Paul Sarte was right in "Huis-clos" when he wrote "Hell is other people." It's part of the deal folks, so make the best of it.

-Jeff Deminski

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