TRENTON — A Cherry Hill man has sued Uber claiming he was  "severely beaten" by a driver who refused to take him home from Philadelphia.

According to the suit filed in Eastern Pennsylvania federal district court on Thursday, Joseph Fusco used the Uber app to get a ride after a holiday party in the University City section of Philadelphia at around 11 p.m. Dec. 22. He sat down next to the driver and  said he wanted to go home to Cherry Hill, according to the suit, which claims the driver said "I'm not going to New Jersey."

The suit cites Uber policy that requires drivers to take customers wherever they ask and do not know the destination when they respond to a request.

After refusing the ride, Fusco claims in the suit the driver got out, walked around the Toyota Corolla to the passenger side, opened the door and dragged Fusco out by the collar.

He then stomped and kicked Fusco and "left him in a pool of blood on the pavement in the freezing cold." The passengers says the driver broke bones in his face and knocked out his teeth.

The driver, who Fusco said left the scene in the car, charged his credit card for a 28-minute ride, which Uber offered to reimburse him, he claims.

The suit said the incident was caught on surveillance video.

Fusco, who is a public safety director for Universal Allied, called Uber's marketing about providing a safe ride a "sham," seeks unspecified amount in damages for "physical and emotional injuries from which he may never fully recover."

Uber confirmed for New Jersey 101.5 that the driver is no longer a "partner" with the ride share service and, contrary to the suit, has been co-operating with law enforcement in the investigation.

It's the latest issue that Uber has had in New Jersey over the past year. An Uber driver in Jackson was robbed after dropping off customers at the end of a ride from Manhattan. The company was also embroiled in a dispute over its service in Newark

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