The New Jersey Legislature passed a law and the governor signed it last year, allowing people here illegally to obtain a driver's license in this state. We would be among 13 other states and DC to allow illegal immigrants to legally drive here. The law was supposed to take effect later this week on January 1, but the COVID crisis has made it difficult to implement the program securely.

Many of them already drive, but without licenses and the proper insurance, making it more likely for them to flee and less likely for a legally licensed driver to get justice. So, the idea and the law make sense in that regard.

The concern of many is that it would be easier to access resources and rights that are reserved for legal citizens.

The main issue is voting. The ONLY reason the Democratic Party wants to flood the population with immigrants who came here illegally is for their votes. They don't care about their families, their incomes, their futures. They want their votes. Many people who've come here without official documentation, come from countries where the government is all powerful and run by a few elites.

Without the proper education in our system and how our country works (or used to), they would be lured into voting for the party that gives away other peoples' money. Yours!

The immigration system needs to be fixed so we wouldn't even need a law to allow illegals to get driver's licenses. My idea would be to pay a fine, provide proof of five years of productive work, have five native born Americans vouch for your character and a prohibition on voting for 25 years. Then tighten future immigration to not be so porous and easily hacked.

So, when the COVID crisis eases up enough to bring normalcy back to the NJMVC, illegals can get their driver's licenses and maybe the roads get a little bit safer.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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