Over the past couple years, we've heard the constant chatter on social media and on the airwaves about weddings. Typically it's on the negative side with people complaining about the long services and the expensive cost of everything wedding related.

Weddings are declining among young people with many opting to live together, forgoing the tradition and commitment of marriage altogether. "It's just a piece of paper" you can hear them say. Is it though? It's one thing to live together before getting married for financial reasons. It's another to skip the ceremony and the vows.

Commitment, promises and boundaries are good things for young people. The legal and spiritual bond of marriage is purposeful and helpful as people navigate the ups and downs of agreeing to spend a lifetime with another person. But whatever your own personal views on marriage may be, if you're gonna do it, do it right. Embrace the seriousness of the ceremony and the public pledge for a life of support, friendship and loyalty to another person.

In November, Jodi (my wife) and I will celebrate our 24th year of marriage. We are blessed for sure. We set out on day one with a lifetime commitment and have journeyed through the past couple decades getting stronger together every year. Our own admiration for the marriage vows and sacrament is why we appreciate invitations to weddings with couples who view it at the same level of seriousness.

My friend and podcast co-host Jessica Gibson just returned from her honeymoon and joined us for the monthly wedding segment on the morning show. We had a great conversation on air about how much Jodi and I enjoyed her wedding. Not just the reception, the food and the inspiring speeches from her dad, sister Courtney and Chase's best man, but the wedding Mass as well. It was a beautiful setting with all the seriousness and celebration that you'd expect from a traditional and formal Catholic wedding Mass.

It's easy for people to complain about the length of some church services, I've done it myself when our Sunday 7am Mass goes longer than 50 minutes, but the hour we spent at the St. Thomas of Villanova church was enjoyable, inspirational, and quite honestly a sign that there are young people in the millennial generation who have not abandoned faith and the idea of a lifetime commitment. In a culture that tends to mock religious people and our sacraments and customs, it was certainly a breath of fresh air watching two young people, who love each other, publicly honor their family, their faith and their own relationship.

It was an inspiring moment to witness a Catholic wedding Mass against the backdrop of a society, through bullies on social media and in the main stream media, constantly attacks and tears down people of faith and the institutions that provide so much to so many.

Congratulations again to Jessica and Chase. You've provided a great example for the future.

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