MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP — A 21-year-old resident has been extradited to Chester County, Pennsylvania, charged with terroristic threats, harassment, and stalking for allegedly telling his ex-girlfriend he planned to kill her and a male friend.

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Police said in early December, Jamie Zannino texted the ex, a student at West Chester University, saying he would "shoot up the whole school" if he had to and would not let the cops stop him, according to a report by

Furthermore, the report said, Zannino allegedly also texted that he not only wanted to kill the ex-girlfriend, but a male acquaintance of hers as well, and planned to mail his severed head to her and create a scavenger hunt for the rest of the man's body parts.

"Your dead (sic) ... if you won't be with me I'll make you," said one of the texts, according to the report citing police documentation.

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