So, State Assemblywoman Valerie Vanieri Huttle sees "Springsteen on Broadway" and decides to propose to make September 23, which is the Boss's birthday, "Bruce Springsteen Day." I would think that she would have better things to be working on to improve New Jersey.

So far, the only people honored with "Days" in New Jersey outside of the nationally celebrated holidays are:

Alice Paul, who was a leader in the women's suffrage movement.

Clarence Clemons, who played saxophone in Springsteen's E Street Band.

Hannah G. Soloman, who founded the National Council of Jewish Women.

So I asked my social media following, what other famous New Jersey people should have their own day to be honored in the Garden State?

Personally, I would recommend World War II hero John Basilone. He's already got a street named for him in Italy. Also Thomas Edison, Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, James Gandolfini or Whitney Houston, to name a few.

Paul Ladd: "Frank Sinatra. The man was and is a legend in the world of music, and is believed to have raised more than a billion dollars for charity in lifetime."

Mike Barnes: "Jon Bon Jovi. The work he has done in support of homelessness has been extraordinary."

Michael Panichelli: "Big Paulie Day."

Irv Slifkin: "Snooki."

Jim Murdoch: "The survivors. Everyone still living here who hasn't left. Jersey appreciation day. You know that thing of like when time magazine chose "YOU" as person of the year in 2006."

Robert Pisani: "How about honoring a New Jersey native that is or was a Medal of Honor winner or a firefighter or a police officer that died in the line of duty who sacrificed their life to save someone else. Bruce is a nobody. He sings and writes songs. They are a dime a dozen. We don’t need a day to honor him or Bon Jovi either."

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