It can be hard to pin down Jim Gearhart's politics. He worries about illegal immigration but defends the dignity of immigrants here illegally. He's for taking care of society's most in need — but he also wants to know who's paying for it, and how. He can sound right-of-right or left-of-left or as pragmatic as can be, depending on the topic at hand.

"The political labeling is part of the politics of identity," Jim says Jim Gearhart says in this week's edition of the Jim Gearhart Show, live on Facebook every Thursday at 10:30 a.m., and available here as a podcast every week. And he says it with a sneer.

Jim's been worried for a while about what he says is the too-left slant of the Democratic party — liberals have something to contribute, he says, but Jim argues progressives take things too far. And Jim says he, himself, was a Democrat "back when it was a legitimate party."

That didn't sit right with a New Jerseyan who tuned into the Facebook Live presentation, Cathy Hechler:

"Sorry to find that 101.5 is not bipartisan but is the Fox News of radio," she wrote — Jim takes comments from audience members throughout the program. "So disappointed in you Jim that you have lowered yourself to name-calling ("back when Democrats were a legitimate party"). You’ve lost me as a listener."

Well, says Jim, a little offense never hurt anyone. In fact, he says "a little offense is good for people."

"I believe in the thesis that we have to change our ways, start taking care of the Earth, start taking care of each other. To me, that's as obvious as a fist in the face," Jim says in this week's show. "We have to do these things, Population control, environmental reforms, water conservation."

But he's tired of politicians trying to out-progressive one another, trying to attack each other from the left, and the left of left, and the left of that.

"I don't like the people who are promoting it," he says. "That's a personal thing perhaps, but I don't have any trust for these people."

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