I don't know if you've ever gone back to your old school, whether it's your grade school, middle or high school. The feeling was overwhelming. I hated school all the way through. It wasn't until later in life that I realized how much I gained there and how important those years were, especially high school.

My parents were used to sending me to Catholic school K through 8 because we lived in the inner city and going to the public school just wasn't an option. At least not a very safe one. Or they knew I needed the extra attention and discipline that a Catholic School would give me.

Wednesday night I went to a meeting with some former classmates at Holy Cross High School in Delran, NJ. We're holding a fund-raiser to keep the school operating, Saturday April 7th at the school. While I was there, we took a walk down to the office and snuck into the main office. The last time I was there it probably wasn't a pleasant experience. I was a bit of a mischievous kid and the principal, Father La Forge requested my appearance on more than one occasion. I felt much more comfortable this time around.

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