Hero Trenton Cop, Officer Freddy Jimenez joined me on air today to discuss his actions saving a man's life over the weekend.

Police were called to the scene where a woman had died of natural causes. While Officer Jimenez was investigating the scene, he noticed that the man had left the room. He discovered that he was hanging outside the eight floor window in an apparent suicide attempt. The officer calmly grabbed the man's hand and talked him through coming back inside. As he shared the tale of the incident it was clear to me and our audience that there are no such things as 'routine' police encounters.

Officer Jimenez is our #BlueFriday honoree for his strength, courage and measured execution of his duties under high pressure circumstances. As I've said again and again, where most people call for help or look the other way, cops face stressful, dangerous and life threatening situations daily and the react with courtesy, respect, and professional heroism.

Thank God for the the police patrolling our streets and the families that support them. The next life saved may be yours.

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