ROSELLE PARK — A court has put fines on hold against resident Andrea Dick over her profane anti-Joe Biden signs pending a court hearing in July.

Signs that read "F**k Biden, not my president," "Socialism sucks, Biden blows" and "F**k Biden" with an image of former President Donald Trump giving the finger, are hung on the fence in Dick's fence near the Aldene Elementary School.

The borough had slapped her mother, who owns the house, with a notice of inspection ordering the graphic signs to be taken down. They both were summoned to appear in court on Thursday.

Dick, 55, pleaded not guilty and a court date of July 8 was set by the Municipal Court judge who delayed the start of the fines until after Dick's case is heard.

In the meantime, the signs are staying right where they are.

"They think they have a case, let them fight it. I'm fighting it tooth and nail. I'm not giving up. I don't care what it costs me, I'm not giving up. I'm standing my ground," Dick said told New Jersey 101.5.

Dick said she has received a lot of support for her signs,  including from her neighbor who sent the court a letter of support.

"Everybody's for it. I don't understand what the big damn deal is. If they'd get over it and just stop walking past my house. There's no reason for them to. We wouldn't even be talking about this," Dick said.

A man drove 45 minutes from West Caldwell just to see her house, Dick said.

"People are calling me from all over the country. California, Tennessee, Arizona,..  Illinois, Maine," Dick said.

Dick said no kids live on her street and until now never walked by her house to get to the nearby Aldene Elementary School. Only recently have the started walking past Dick said just to see the signs.

"They never come past my house. The only reason they're coming by my house is because of the circus these people are putting out there," she said.

Dick, who is married with two children and a pet pig, said her mother is as much as a "spit fire" as she is "and she's going to give it right back to them."

There are also critics who she said leave nasty voicemails.

"It's OK. They can keep talking all they want. I don't want to repeat what they say. It's not very nice. Very inappropriate," Dick said.

Dick is confident she will will win her court case and insists the ordinance she is cited for violating is about nudity.

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