Andrea Dick is a Roselle Park woman who's so upset about Donald Trump losing the presidential election that she has decorated the fence along her back property with signs that say, "F**k Biden, not my president," "Socialism sucks, Biden blows" and "F**k Biden" with an image of former President Donald Trump giving the finger.

Dick's house is a block away from Aldene Elementary School and she's being threatened with a $500 per day fine starting Monday for violating a town profanity ordinance.

Andrea called into my on my New Jersey 101.5 radio show on Thursday night, June 3 and explained why she put the signs up.

"I am in favor of Donald Trump and I feel this election was completely stolen from him," Dick said when she called into the show. "Like I said before, we were able to go food shopping, we were able to go to Walmart, we were able to go to Target with a mask. I don't understand why we could not go out and vote in person, and I just feel that the election was stolen from him."

What about the fact that her house is a block away from an elementary school?

"My fence is 20 plus feet back. And they [children] walk either up...Webster [Avenue] and Lincoln to go to school. So they don't see the flags. And there is no children that live on this block that walk up and down this block. There was a reporter here at 7 o'clock in the morning and did not witness one kid walking to school."

A censored photo of the signs in Andrea Dick's yard in Roselle Park. (Original photo courtesy Andrea Dick)
A censored photo of the signs in Andrea Dick's yard in Roselle Park. (Original photo courtesy Andrea Dick)

How far will she take her fight?

Joey Novick, an attorney and on the board of the ACLU of New Jersey, weighed in on my show.

"I’m an attorney and on the board of the ACLU of New Jersey. The ordinance that prohibits certain type of speech on the books of the town is unconstitutional. It’s overly broad and vague."

"If she is fined by the town, she’d first go to municipal court because she actually did violate an ordinance currently on the books. She’d appeal any guilty ruling to the superior court in the county on the basis that the ordinance itself is unconstitutional as written and as applied."

We also have a Twitter poll @realstevetrev which shows overwhelming support for Dick and the signs.

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