As promised, Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Great Adventure has opened its brand new Calypso Springs attraction. The waterpark already had great things like their Bonzai Pipelines, Bahama Blast, Hammerhead, Tornado water slide and Taak It Eez Ee Creek lazy river. Now open between those last two is a massive 100,000 gallon pool with beach entry and a spontaneously erupting geyser from a huge Obelisk center fountain.

There's a new dining area there, and Calypso Springs has hundreds of chairs on an enormous lounge deck you can enjoy for the rest of the summer. Another nice thing is there's no minimum height required for this pool. Obviously you need to watch your children but even the little ones can enjoy what is Hurricane Harbor's biggest expansion to date.

What does it look like? Check out the video courtesy of Six Flags!

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