Anti-drug advocates in Howell are organizing a series of "think tanks" to search for solutions to substance abuse.

Christa Riddle, the coordinator for Friends of the Howell Municipal Alliance, believes that putting heads together among local leaders, police, parents and school officials will find answers.

The program is funded in part by the Governor's Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

Riddle says she wants the group to meet in a relaxed atmosphere that will create a dialogue about alcohol and drug abuse.

She is particularly interested in seeing parents of younger children involved.

"We are trying to get them to be proactive at maybe the elementary and early middle school ages so that they know what is going on and they can help inform what they would like to do for prevention."

They will meet the first Monday of each quarter with the first meeting Jan. 7. More information is online.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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