The politicians are at it again! In the latest attempt by Elite Trenton Insiders to steal more of our money, the Governor is looking to enrich himself in exchange for spending more of your money on six figure government salaries. In what would be another rushed, "pass it before you read it" piece of legislation, the Governor is attempting to trade increased salaries for government appointees and staff including judges, clerks and legislative staff members in exchange for a change in the law allowing him to earn money on a book deal. That's right, you pay your taxes, struggle to make ends meet, endure a rising cost of living in NJ and the Governor maneuvers to enrich himself and his cronies. All the while he's been the 'absentee governor' for several years as he pursued the White House failing to obtain even a consolation prize. This is text book least in my book. The good news is that several legislators have already stood up in opposition to this latest affront to hard working people. They include Democratic Senator Ray Lesniak and GOP Senators Tom Kean and Jennifer Beck. Sen. Beck joined me on the air today. #NoBookDeal


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