As we’ve been doing on the morning show since December 2015, it’s time to honor another hero among our law enforcement professionals.

This Friday, that person is Austin Glickman who serves as the president of LEOweekend. Law Enforcement Officers Weekend is a national organization supporting law enforcement families impacted by the death or serious injury of the officer in their family.

Austin was a recruit in the NYPD Police Academy when police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were assassinated in Brooklyn. Austin rose to the occasion to take a stand on behalf of police officers and after two years was able to get the group launched. Our own Eric Potts, a retired cop and now stand up comic, attends and supports the annual events.

Last year the group held their 3rd annual event complete with kids games, shooting competitions, food, fireworks, and much more. The idea is to have a great place for families of law enforcement to meet, interact and enjoy an all inclusive vacation. The group covers the cost for the families of the fallen heroes. Thanks to the hard work and determination of Austin, they are looking forward to a fourth successful year.

If you would like to help these families of the fallen heroes, get more information and find the donate section HERE.

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