One person was killed in a crash on Route 78 on Friday that kept three eastbound lanes closed for hours, backing up for miles.

New Jersey State Police said a Ford Fusion in the left center lane hit a pickup truck towing a motorcycle in the left lane, causing the pickup driver to lose control just before 11 a.m.

The pickup rolled onto the left median and hit the cab of a DOT work truck, police said.

A woman passenger in the pickup was killed at the scene, and the male pick driver was hospitalized via medical helicopter, police said.

Two adults and a child inside the Ford Fusion were not seriously injured after they hit the DOT truck in the rear, police said. A DOT worker was treated for minor injuries.

Delays during the clean up and investigation created backups that stretched for miles back to at least Route 33 in Northampton County in Pennsylvania.

It's at least the fifth fatal crash on Route 78 in New Jersey this year on the road running from the Holland Tunnel to the Pennsylvania border and beyond, according to a count of stories and traffic alerts on

New Jersey Traffic North's Bob Williams said there are a number of factors that contribute to potential crashes on Route 78 including speed, aggressive drivers of both cars and trucks, poor sight lines and sun glare.

"You can definitely become intimidated driving that road. It's a major truck route and you better know what you're doing. You take your eyes off the road and you could be in trouble," Williams said.

State Police have some easy ways to avoid accidents on Route 78 or any road: "We encourage everyone to wear their seat belt, put the cell phone down and pay attention. Watch your speed and enjoy the beautiful weekend during the summer season," State Police spokesman Sgt. First Class Gregory Williams said.

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