How windy is it in New Jersey? With the nor'easter coming through the Garden State, here's what I'm thinking:

• So windy that you can fart outside and not feel embarrassed.
• So windy that property taxes and the pension fund are no longer the only things that blow in New Jersey.
• So windy that exit 12 now smells like exit 13.
• So windy that the beach tag ladies are now taking badges by the bay.

The last time there was this big a wind, it was explaining why we needed a 23 cent gas tax.

I posed the question on my social media as well.

• "It's so windy that Donald Trump's hair is now parted on the other side." —  Butch Budai
• "It's so windy that I saw 3 baconators blow onto Chris Christie's desk." — Comedian John Kensil.
• "It's so windy I saw Auntie Em and Dorothy wizzing by." — Chuck Trogdon
• "It's so windy all the marchers sign trash blew into the potomac." — .Mike Menschner
• It's so windy I saw Mary Poppins. Don't know why she was wearing a pink hat though." — Anthony Pascale
• "It's so windy in New Jersey that I can feel it here in Colorweedo" — Steve Tortu

How windy do you think it is in New Jersey? Tell me in the comment below or tweet your answers to @NJ1015 and @realstevetrev.

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