My sons, Lennon and Albert, turn 10 today. And when I think of their birthdays ,I also think of how they unknowingly saved their mom's life.

It was at my wife Deneen's postpartum checkup that they discovered a lump in her right breast that turned out to be cancer.

This took her on a journey of aggressive chemotherapy which began on Valentine’s Day, 2007, which is also her birthday — followed a year and a half of a drug called Herceptin, which was given through a port. Then, in September of 2007, she started a five-year course of an oral drug called Tamoxifen. In June of 2008, on our 10th wedding anniversary, the port was removed. After five years on the Tamoxifen, another oral drug was started, Femera, which she takes daily and will for five years.

We thank God every day for her survival, which never would have happened had she not gotten pregnant.

The next year, at the Susan G Komen Race For The Cure, I was proud to stand next to my wife on KYW Channel 3 as she took the handoff from then-Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to cut the cake that would begin the race.

I'll never forget the words of my friend Gary Papa, the legendary Chanel 6 sports anchor who later succumbed to prostate cancer, when he heard my story:

"She gave them life and they turned around and gave it right back to her."

She continues to give us life every single day!

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