Today is national “Cancer Survivors Day.” On this day, I’d like to honor my wife Deneen who is a 7 year breast cancer survivor.


We found out my wife had cancer when she went for her 6 week post partum exam after our children Lennon and Albert were born.

On December 28th 2006, after several weeks of testing and biopsies, she was given the diagnosis of invasive ductal Carcinoma.

In January she had a lumpectomy, and then a port for chemotherapy was implanted on February 13th, 2007. She began aggressive chemotherapy the next day, on Valentine's Day, which is also her birthday.

After chemotherapy, she needed a year and a half of a drug called Herceptin, which was given through the port. You may have heard of the drug, since it was subject of a movie on Lifetime called “Living Proof.” Harry Connick Jr. played the role of Dr Dennis Slaman, the scientist who discovered the drug.

In September of 2007, she started a 5 year course of an oral drug called Tamoxifen. In June of 2008, on our 10th Wedding anniversary, the port was removed. After 5 years on the Tamoxifen, another oral drug was started, called Femera, which she takes daily and will for 5 years. We don't know what will happen next - it will depend on what the research shows.

Is there anyone special you'd like to honor for National Cancer Survivors Day?