You know the situation. There you are, maybe sitting at your desk in your office like I am in this video, or maybe cooking in your kitchen and you hear the buzz, then you see the fly. You grab a towel, or if you're lucky a fly swatter.

Next, you make like Elmer Fudd. "Be bewwy quiet, I'm hunting fwwwwyys!"

You wait patiently for him to land as he flies around, then you strike! Hitting him quick and hard. Then he thanks you for the cool breeze as he flies away pointing and laughing.

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I've tried everything to get rid of the flies in my house, Everything from a fly swatter, to a venus flytrap

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To "Venus Flytrap" from WKRP.

I even run the scene from "The Fly" where he gets killed over and over on a loop figuring the fly would see it and get scared.  But instead, he landed in my popcorn and started eating.

It's at the point now that when I watch the Pine Barrens episode of "The Sopranos," I see a fly's head on The Russian.

I've had fly problems before in New Jersey but none like this year, which has been so much worse. So what's a Jersey person to do?

I tried fly paper which, I bought at the dollar store and in just one day, it got this many flies. I left it up for all the other flies to see hoping it would scare them but no more came.


I also tried apple cider vinegar and liquid soap.

attachment-IMG-5238 (2)

I even bought a bug zapper.


Here are some tips from

I asked my New Jersey 101.5 audience as well as my social media following what they do.

One caller who says he's an exterminator says it's the flies who lay their eggs in the wood chips around your house, and this is the time of year when they are hatching. He says if you rake your mulch, it should solve the problem.

Here are some other responses:

A fan

An electrified handheld bug zapper and fly tape.

Image via Kyle forcini
Image via Kyle forcini

Joey Novick: "In New Jersey, raise their property taxes."

Chase them with Windex. 

Aqua net hairspray. "Immobilizes their tiny wings instantly!" Cindy Zwicker says.

Vini Lopez: One frog said to the other, “Times fun when you're having flies!"

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