Throughout Jay Lassiter's work on Heroin Uncut: The Truth About the Crisis — an ongoing special presentation of podcasts and videos that take a bluntly honest look at the heroin epidemic — Jay has had the opportunity to speak to a number of extraordinary individuals.

A doctor who admits being pressured to overprescribe. An attorney general seeking inventive ways to get at the root causes of addiction. A county prosecutor emphasizing care and compassion over incarceration.

But perhaps no conversation so far has stood out more than the one Jay had with Anthony — a recovering addict who recounted his experience being revived with Narcan.

If you've been following Heroin Uncut, you already heard Anthony talk about being brought back from the brink — about the moment that could have ended his life. But it's what happened next that's really extraordinary — it's the life he lived once given another chance.

You'll hear that full interview in this podcast edition of this week's Heroin Uncut, available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and Google Play, or the New Jersey 101.5 app.

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Here are just some of the statements you'll hear:

• "I started to look at ... people that I really admire? My first sponsor ... had murdered somebody. ... And he was one of the most spiritual and loving men I have ever met in my entire life."

• "These (being revived with Narcan) are human beings with goals and dreams. And like somebody like me, I mean — I was able to go back to college, and I’m in college again for my second degree, and I’m a union shop steward. People come to me for help."

• "I used to look in the mirror and tell myself I love myself and feel like an idiot. And you know, it just didn’t work. ... And then I met somebody who had lived my life and found a way out."

Listen to Anthony's story above. And revisit past episodes of Heroin Uncut below.

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New episodes will be released every Saturday.

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