Whenever I travel to Texas and back to this area, I always quiz myself on who's from here and who's from Texas. There are some general similarities in the people that live in a geographical area due to the common areas people came from that settled a particular area. When a listener sent me these pictures over the weekend of a guy that "looks just like me" I was taken aback. Most of the time when someone says you "look just like" someone, you can't see it or you're stunned anyone would think that. This guy actually DOES look like me. I showed my mom and she thought it was me. When I told her it wasn't, she took a closer look and said, "you're much more handsome". I actually think the guy looks happier than me, and I'm a pretty happy person.

So it came as no surprise that there are people that look like many of us in New Jersey, especially if they come from some of the dominant groups that settled here. I would venture to guess that his grandparents came from somewhere not too far from where mine did. Since my face is slightly more exposed than the average New Jerseyan because of my job, I get this once in a while. This nice, happy guy named Jerry who was minding his own business and shopping in Bayville last Saturday, would probably not cross my path anytime soon or ever. We live in different parts of the state and probably wouldn't be in the same place at the same time anytime soon. But don't be surprised is there is someone 60 miles from where you live that looks just like you.

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