If you read the media in this state or check out your news feed on social media, that Nazi Trump is going to deport all of those poor kids covered by DACA.

The so called "dreamers" were given a gift by former President Obama. Sadly just like that TV that fell off a truck that your uncle Sal gave you for your 12th birthday, it was an illegal gift.

Obama himself said he wished he could just "fix" the situation for these young people who were brought here illegally by their parents, but he didn't have the power to do it. "Only Congress has the power to do it," he lamented. Then 15 months later, he did it.

So the executive order was about to expire. It was challenged by at least 10 state attorneys general and would be chaos and confusion by those kids affected by the unconstitutional order and the existing immigration law.

The only way to help fix the situation these young "dreamers" find themselves in, is to change the law.

Now the evil President has given Congress six months to change the law and come up with a solution, to these people don't have to worry about this ever again. Maybe they'll come up with a creative solution. How about you become a legal alien resident, but can't vote for or apply for full citizenship for 25 years?

It's not your fault you're here illegally, but it's also not fair for the people, unlike your parents, who did it the right way and waited a long time to come into this country legally.

It's long overdue that we address the "illegal alien" situation and fix our immigration system, including better security and oversight. But when this six months is up, no "dreamer" in New Jersey or any other state will be deported.

The media and the emotional hemophiliacs that are screaming, "racist, heartless, horrible president" should calm down and let this play out. It may be the best chance we've had in a generation to finally get a solution to the immigration problems our so called leaders have been all too happy to ignore for far too long!

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