For months now tempers have flared and blame has been cast over unacceptably long lines at Newark Liberty International Airport. The problem is with TSA security lines both here and around the country.

How bad has the problem gotten?

A man in Minnesota is suing the TSA and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport over his missing his flight. Hooman Nikizad arrived in what should have been plenty of time, two hours ahead of departure. He still missed his flight after standing in an understaffed security line for well over an hour and a half.

According to the lawsuit, which has now made it to federal court, TSA had limited staff and was running only one body scanner. Here's what really impressed me. He's only suing for $506.85; the cost of his flight, cost of his transportation to and from the airport, and the lawsuit filing fee. Nothing more. Knowing that, it's really hard to say this guy doesn't deserve his money back.

I have to go to Newark Airport this weekend and wait through the hellish security lines to get my kids on a flight for their summer visitation in Florida. I'm wondering just how early I should arrive at the airport. Normally two hours would be more than enough. Now I'm wondering if three hours would even cut it if I want to be safe.

Give me some idea what you would do, especially if you've dealt with this airport in the past few weeks or months, in our poll question.

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