New Jersey has a reputation for an overabundance of road rage.

It has been the subject of fodder in movies, TV programs like SNL and other outlets.

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So how bad is the road rage here in New Jersey? Turns out not as bad as you think. In fact, new research shows New Jersey ranks as the tenth least likely state to encounter road rage in the country.

The team at FINN compiled research in several categories. New Jersey ranked 27th overall in Forbes Confrontational Drivers ranking but ranked an impressive dead last for the Forbes Car Accident ranking. New Jersey had 7.5 deaths per 100,000 2021 population which was a strong number.

New Jersey also ranked well in 0.96 2021 deaths per one hundred million miles driven. All this research coupled with anti-aggressive driving classes ranks New Jersey in the top ten of all states as the least likely to encounter road rage.

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Minnesota ranks number one as least likely to encounter road rage. I went to college in Minnesota, and I can attest to that. It is like all their drivers have chewed weed gummies before getting into their cars.

If you think you can use the left lane to pass a car on a highway in Minnesota, forget it.

I had road rage trying to go a little more than the 5 miles under the speed limit the entire population of Minnesota must adhere to when driving. I found it impossible that those from Minnesota have road rage. Oh, and by the way, they know how to drive in the snow, which is very impressive.

Photo by Hal Muratov on Unsplash
Photo by Hal Muratov on Unsplash

Hawaii, followed by New Hampshire ranks two and three respectfully as the least likely to encounter road rage. I can certainly understand why those two states are ranked so high, as the demeanor of both states is chilled.

If you are from New Jersey give yourself a hand for not having all that road rage and for those that do, give them the state “bird.”

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