With the Fourth of July coming up at the end of this week, New Jerseyans are looking forward to having some fun and celebrating America's birthday. Many towns that are still struggling financially will be forming public-private partnerships with local businesses to cover the cost of the celebrations they hold.

(Natallia Hudyma, ThinkStock)
(Natallia Hudyma, ThinkStock)

"Folks really want to get out and not only enjoy the warm weather but celebrate community, they're having local parades, they're having firework displays," said Bill Dressel, the executive director of the New Jersey League of Municipalities.

He said having businesses sponsor these events makes sense.

"They all have a sense of community, they all feel connected," he said. "And by working together with the  community they can offset some of the costs, but you can also get a lot of volunteer support. The common denominator is patriotism, local pride, and celebrating the fact that we're all Americans, we have a lot to be thankful for."

Dressel also said he senses a new energy and excitement in many communities.

"I don't know if it's because of the long, cold winter we went through, or whether folks believe now is the time, with a little glimmer of hope that the economy is turning around, but with the Fourth of July upon us, now is a good time to demonstrate your local pride and your community pride and have fun," he said.