The economy continues to improve slowly, but many New Jersey municipalities are still struggling financially.

Fireworks (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images))

Not surprisingly, as the Fourth of July holiday approaches, a growing number of towns are turning to the private sector for help in paying for the parades and celebrations that are on tap for later this week.

"It's a great way to be able to partner - public and private - and to provide a great celebration for our residents, and frankly to celebrate the great country we live in with all of the freedoms we enjoy," says the President of the New Jersey League of Municipalities, Janice Mironov.

She points out these days it's very common to have sponsors for events - for concerts, for family nights out, for fireworks celebrations.

"We're all partners together in serving the community and providing celebrations and events for the community."

While many towns in New Jersey are holding parades on the 4th, because it gives them an opportunity to showcase groups, organizations and individuals within the community, Mironov says others are planning celebrations with fireworks and music.

"It's really a great way for businesses to be great community citizens," she says, "and for governments to be able to take advantage of that private public partnership to be able to bring out the community for a great Independence Day celebration."