To look at Kevin Daly it would have been easy to just assume that the weight he was gaining was just a part of getting older. What nobody realized was that Daly, a Hoboken resident, had a 30 pound tumor growing in his stomach.

Daly, a financial planner, had always been in basically good shape until he had open-heart surgery in 2015. After the operation, Daly said he noticed that his stomach was getting bigger while the rest of his body stayed the same. After his surgery, he weighed around 230 pounds and decided to follow his doctor's guidance to lose some weight.

“I thought they literally left stuffing and tools in me from surgery,” Daly, 63, told the New York Daily News.

After a change in his diet and other weight loss steps, Daly dropped down to 198 pounds but still did not lose his "beer" belly. It wasn't until he had a CAT scan performed, over the objections of his insurance company, that they realized he had a tumor growing in his stomach.

At first the tumor was believed to weigh around 12 pounds, but after surgery in December of last year it was learned that the tumor actually weighed closer to 30 pounds. Making matters worse, the tumor had wrapped around one of his kidneys. The surgery, conducted at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, required two residents to hold the tumor up while Julio Teixeira removed the tumor and the kidney that it had wrapped itself around.

"It was the largest tumor I've ever removed," Teixeira said. "It was a very challenging operation. Because of the tumor size, there were organs out of position."

It has only been a few months since the surgery but Daly is already below 180 pounds and his happy to have his flat stomach back. Two MRIs conducted after the surgery confirmed that the whole tumor was removed, and that all his organs have moved back to the proper positions.

Daly will have to be monitored for around a decade to ensure that the tumor doesn't grow back.

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