Redwood Drive in Barnegat was a horror scene this past Sunday when two pit bulls came charging from between mobile homes and attacked a woman's leashed dog, according to police.

The attack was so severe it took two people coming to the woman's aid and clubbing the pit bulls with a pipe to get them to back off, authorities say. The woman's dog died on the way to a veterinary hospital.

Now the owner of the pit bulls, Angela Greco, has been arrested on numerous charges. Police say she provided false information to police when confronted about the dogs. She was charged with obstructing the administration of law and tampering with or fabricating evidence. Greco was also cited for allegedly violating leash laws. The woman has since turned the dogs over to authorities.

For all the times we hear of these tragedies involving pit bull attacks, it's shocking how often they could have been prevented. Keep your dog secured. Not just a pit, but any dog. The arrogance of a neighbor letting dogs run loose is staggering. Any dog can bite, but a pit bull is a particularly formidable breed that can do more damage than most. They are, after all, responsible for the most fatal attacks, according to the CDC. The same idiot who either lets them run loose or doesn't make certain their property is escape proof is likely the same dope who doesn't train their dog, doesn't properly socialize their dog, and is the worst person to own a pit bull.

It's likely not much will happen to this woman. Which is a shame. When a pit bull kills it's usually the owner's fault and it's usually preventable. Such a dangerous breed requires a diligent owner. Too often they get just the opposite.

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