When you talk about silver linings of the pandemic, you think of things like starting a new business, getting closer to your families, or learning how to deal with adversity.

But whoever thought that forcing everybody to do things digitally would actually improve the MVC, formerly, DMV, experience? But it did. Exponentially.

What used to be hours of hurry up and wait, zillions of lines and confusing instructions has now turned into a well oiled machine.

Honestly it proves that none of this stuff needed to be done in person anyway, but the fact that the pandemic forced New Jersey into the 21st-century is a win-win for everyone.

Since mostly everything can be done online, there are only a couple of services that happen in person. You can imagine how that streamlined the process.

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You really don’t wait in line anymore since everybody has an appointment. Genius. You don’t even get in if you don’t have an appointment. Genius.

I walk into the Lakewood MVC. I give my name. They check to see if I’m on the list. I am.
You wait in a 1-2 minute line to ensure your papers are filled out properly, or to be given forms to be filled out.

Then you’re given a number and that number is called within two or three minutes. Calling a number, by the way, is a vast improvement over trying to pronounce my last name, trust me.

“Number 180, window eight.”

I proceed to window eight.

A relatively pleasant woman types for about three or four minutes into a computer and hands me my stuff. Done. In-N-Out in 20 minutes.

Like root canals and colonoscopies, DMV visits were one of the things we dreaded here in New Jersey. But now, believe it or not, they actually have it down to a science. It was almost-dare I say... pleasant?

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