Long Branch Poultry Farm in Long Branch, NJ has been serving chickens for over 90 years. It is the best place in New Jersey to get the juiciest and most tasty rotisserie chicken and homemade salads. They make this necessary for a fantastic summer meal.

Long Branch Poultry has been cranking out chickens and turkeys for close to 100 years. The business is truly a family business with Kyle and his wife Susie running the business that Kyle’s father once ran. Kyle and Susie are down-to-earth and the nicest people I have ever met. Kyle is like the mayor of Long Branch and surrounding communities as he takes the time to catch up on how you are doing all while working effortlessly and quickly in moving, cutting, and cooking chickens.

Walk into his spotless but no-frills shop and you’ll meet people that Kyle knows and it’s almost like the neighbor bar without the dim lights and alcohol. I love it. The inviting smell of the chickens roasting would bring you to briefly salivate and get goosebumps, at least that’s my experience when I walk through the door. I also love their handmade potato salad which is the one recipe closest to my Nana’s recipe that I really enjoy. I always buy enough of their potato salad to have it on hand and serve it up with other dishes for the week. Their blue cheese dressing is absolutely the best blue cheese dressing that I have had anywhere, and I have been to many great restaurants throughout the world. I am not kidding. I really like their baked beans and you must try the barbeque lima beans. Need a pie? They serve outstanding pies to round out your perfect summer dinner.

Back in the day Long Branch Poultry would raise their own chickens in the back of their storefront making for the freshest chicken dinner that you could buy. The live chickens in the back are gone but the chicken coops are still there and are leased out to local businesses that need extra storage. What hasn’t changed is the quality and taste of their chicken. It is incredibly good.

I also buy my fresh turkey from them for my Thanksgiving dinner. I have for years and have been grateful every year. With a great business comes great success, so don’t just walk into The Long Branch Poultry Farm to pick up a chicken, they cook to order, and I suggest you call early in the day to reserve your chicken and salads. Bring cash because they don’t take credit cards. Trust me, I cannot recommend this iconic destination enough. See Kyle and get a great chicken dinner.

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