The Asbury Park Zombie Walk is baaaaaaack! You might even be able to lead the parade!

Asbury Zombie Walk /Facebook

After taking a year off due to COVID restrictions, ghouls, ghosts and rotting corpses will again drag themselves down the boardwalk in Asbury Park this Saturday. This also marks the 13th anniversary of the Zombie Walk, which organizers say is a lucky number.

For the undead 13 will be a lucky number, we are very much looking forward to bringing everyone back together.
Its time to come alive again! -

Aside from beckoning all of New Jersey's undead to come alive again at this year's event, they are looking for a "truly awesome" Halloween car to lead the walk.

Asbury Zombie Walk /Facebook

While they say they will take anything "old and scary" (the older the better), they are specifically looking for a Black Mariah (also called a Black Maria). These vehicles were originally horse-drawn and served as everything from police paddy wagons to delivery vehicles to hearses to transport the dead. Motorized versions were popular with police and funeral homes in the '50s and '60s.

Black Maria/Public Domain
Black Maria/Public Domain
Saint Paul Police Historical Society

If you are lucky enough to have one of these so-called 'dead-beds,' the Zombie Walk organizers want to hear from you!

Just be careful where you park the thing. Asbury Park Police have announced parking restrictions and tow-away zones in anticipation of the undead swarm hitting the boardwalk on Saturday.

Asbury Park Police/Facebook

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