We’ve talked about it, we debated, it we’ve argued about it, and we even doubted it would ever happen. But here it is. Finally.

Gov. Murphy announced on Thursday that Starting on April 21, adults ages 21+ will be able to legally purchase cannabis and cannabis products without a medical card.

On Twitter, Murphy called this “a historic step in our work to create a new cannabis industry.”

So many people noted the irony of the start date for buying weed legally here in the state. After all, you would’ve expected it to be April 20, not April 21. Some speculate that April 20 would’ve caused too much chaos.

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I believe it’s just that they did not want to play along. After all, the date 4/20 is too closely associated with illegal weed and “potheads” you knew in high school.

Either way, it’s about time. I don’t think anyone could have delayed this as long as New Jersey did. It is so New Jersey to create such a tangle of bureaucracy and red tape that we had to wait this long for this to happen.

I have been seeing all of these spanking new dispensaries sitting along the highway is it New Jersey, just waiting for the governor to wave his magic wand and allow the doors to open.

I’ve even seen people try the door at the Garden State dispensary in Eatontown and look through the windows, thinking it was already open. It’ll be really interesting to see what the crowds are like that day and how how all of this shakes out.

Murphy also provided a link in his tweet for all of the info about the law and the dispensaries at nj.gov. A handy dandy list of all of the New Jersey dispensaries is provided, too. But I thought I’d make it easier for all of you and round them all up here.

So for those of you who are excited to be able to partake legally in the state, and are wondering exactly where to purchase, here you go. And use responsibly. (That just seemed like the right thing to say)

  • 1

    Apothecarium, Phillipsburg

  • 2

    Apothecarium, Maplewood

  • 3

    Ascend, Maplewood

  • 4

    The Botanist, Egg Harbor township

  • 5

    The Botanist, Williamstown

  • 6

    The Cannabist, Deptford

  • 7

    Columbia Care NJ, Vineland

  • 8

    Curaleaf, Bellmawr

  • 9

    Curaleaf, Edgewater

  • 10

    Rise, Paterson

  • 11

    Rise, Bloomfield

  • 12

    Zen Leaf, Lawrence Township

  • 13

    Zen Leaf, Elizabeth

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