Just when you thought adult film star Stormy Daniels’ 15 minutes of fame were up she goes into overtime.

You may have heard that the old Trump Plaza in Atlantic City needs to come down. A planned implosion is likely for February and there’s an interesting fundraiser in the works. Whoever bids the most money will get to be the one to press the button that activates the dynamite charges and sends the Trump building into the dustbin of Jersey history. The mayor of the shore resort town says he believes $1 million could be raised for the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City.

Then someone noticed Stormy Daniels (who of course made news for allegedly claiming an affair with Trump and also allegedly taking hush money to keep it quiet) had expressed interest in being the one to hit that button and blow up that building. Suddenly a GoFundMe was launched trying to raise enough money for Stormy Daniels to be the one to do it.

The crowdfunding site briefly took down the page but soon restored it according to nj.com. The company says it was just to verify things. During the time it was temporarily down Stormy tweeted the following.

But now it’s back although falling far short of its goal of $1 million. As I write this it stands at a mere $1,520. But it’s not like it hasn’t gotten noticed. Entertainer Bette Midler even jumped in the act on social media.

While I’m sure this will never come to be, there would be something satisfying in seeing this ditz carry out the building implosion. Maybe she could even keep the hardhat for some weak plot line in her next film.

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