CRANBURY —  A Central Jersey dad has created his own video to offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the hit-and-run driver who injured his daughter and killed the family dog.

Using footage from his home surveillance system, Andrew Huang's video shows his 13-year-old daughter Mia leaving their home with the leashed dog, Panda, on May 10, minutes before she was struck.

Mia Huang and her chow-chow pup Panda
Mia Huang and her chow-chow pup Panda (Andrew Huang)

Huang includes footage of police bringing the white chow-chow pup back to the home. The video shows two of his children crying after peering through the dog door to see the officer.

Andrew Huang said the video was his way of keeping his daughter's story in the news.

"I had not gotten any news on tracking down this monster. I wanted to remind the public," he told New Jersey 101.5.

According to Huang's video, his daughter and the dog were struck by a 2007 to 2009-era, grey or champagne colored Ford Expedition that left behind a wheel base cover.

Huang said he has been contacted by a few people but no firm leads so far.

"I drove to the location provided and physically checked out the vehicle. I'm confident it was not the vehicle because it was the wrong model and had no damage."

Despite the false leads, Huang is happy that people are still looking for the driver.

"Someone knows of such a vehicle and who did this. I hope they speak up."

Huang said his daughter is healing and it will take time for her skin to regenerate. Doctors are monitoring a concussion and the healing of her lungs as well, according to Huang.

"We all know she cheated death by inches," Huang said. "Panda is a hero for jumping in front of the SUV."

The video ends with a picture of his daughter lying in a hospital.

"She is trying to stay positive about it all," Huang said.

Huang said the reward is self-funded and stands at $5,000.

Huang asked anyone with information about this incident to call Cranbury Police at 609-395-0031.

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