It’s no joke. Police officers are wonderful people.

In Westampton, a small town of 8,600 in Burlington County, the police department wanted to do something nice on several levels. They wanted to thank their citizens for all their sacrifice in obeying stay-at-home orders to combat COVID-19. They also wanted to do something to support a couple local businesses. Plus they simply wanted to cheer folks up.

Using all donated money and no tax funds, they bought pizzas for anyone who called them with an order on Saturday. Through social media and officers manning phones it was quite a hit. reports about 275 pizzas went out in just a few hours.

Di Francesco Pizza, Pepperoni’s and Old Village Pizza were all part of it. Officers even made some of the deliveries themselves.

Police Chief Stephen Ent said, “The idea was, first we wanted to help out some of the local businesses. Second, we wanted to make sure people continue to adhere to the stay-at-home order. And thirdly we just wanted to put smiles on people’s faces.”

The cost ran about $2,000 and again it all came from donations so this was a win-win for everybody.

I love this story. I’m sure law enforcement officers love the chance to show their human sides because so much of their job in keeping society safe involves the unfortunate task of having to ruin some people’s day. Remember this story next time you get pulled over by an officer.

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