You can pay for your souvenir with an Amex card, a Visa card or with Apple Pay. You can buy a ride ticket for The Jersey Devil with Google Pay or a Discover card or debit card.

But cash is not king at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Dan Alexander reports a new policy at the theme park that doesn’t outright ban cash, well, sort of not, but instead makes you convert it into a prepaid Visa debit card. The park says it’s about the pandemic. More hygienic than the handling of cash.

But doesn’t this run afoul of New Jersey’s law prohibiting businesses from discriminating against cash paying customers? Gov. Murphy signed that into law in 2019. Not so says Great Adventure, because you can still use cash you just have to add the step of converting it into a paid Visa debit card.

All I know is our producer had an epic meltdown Wednesday when he heard the news. Nothing against Great Adventure. It was more against the constant modern day battle of which form of payment businesses will or will not accept. If you want a laugh, listen to what happened on air.

So wait, he’s not mad because some businesses won’t accept cash. And he’s not mad because some businesses will only accept cash. He’s. mad. at. everything.

The world needs to stop the discrimination and accept whatever form of payment you have. After all says Joe, restaurant servers and strippers have cash on them all the time! (How did strippers get mixed in with servers in Joeworld?)

When we asked Joe if it had to be one way or the other; either all cash or no cash, which way he preferred, he only got angrier. This was Joe at his finest. Vintage Votruba.

I personally don’t fault any business that wants to set rules for payment despite the 2019 law. Some businesses want cash only because they don’t want to pay the credit card transaction fees. Others may want cards and mobile only for security reasons, or in 2021, hygiene reasons. By the way it should be pointed out under Great Adventure’s new convert-cash-to-a-prepaid-card policy you won’t be charged any fee.

So you’ve got that going for you.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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