I've lived in New Jersey my entire life, and I like to think I know a lot about the state. Now don't get me wrong (as you'll find out later in this piece) I certainly don't know everything about it.

I know we have attitude, drive like maniacs, think we're amazing, yada yada yada. I get it and I live it.

But as I found out on the Dennis & Judi show last week, there is apparently one huge landmark I've never even heard of.

Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media
Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media

Lucy The Elephant. A literal elephant. If you're reading this thinking I'm crazy for not knowing about it, well, you're not the first. But if you're reading this thinking I'm insane for writing about a giant elephant you didn't know existed, welcome!

Seriously, in Margate New Jersey there is a giant statue? Monument? Landmark? of an elephant. The story goes Lucy was built by a real estate developer named James Lafferty back in 1881.

And in 1976 the United States Government designated Lucy as a National Historic Landmark.

Evidently, this is a structure that people have come from far and wide to see. After all, she's deemed "the world's largest elephant."

Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media
Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media

Am I crazy for never knowing this existed? Should I have my "Jersey card" revoked for being so oblivious?

Mostly everyone I have talked to about this has thought I'm insane for genuinely having no clue this existed. Other generations love to poke fun at and say Generation Z knows next to nothing,

Well, I'm sure after this I'm not helping the cause of Gen Z.

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