We spent a morning talking about E-ZPass as we heard the report that some drivers may have been charged $9 for a $1.25 toll crossing the Delaware River from New Jersey into PA.

It got me thinking that this could be happening more than reported.

How many of us are checking our E-ZPass accounts on a regular basis?

The last time I logged in was to add and then later drop the RV.

I attached my American Express card to the account and every few weeks I got an alert that my card was dinged for $25-$75 depending on how much I traveled during the time period.

NJ Toll Hikes

I was one of the E-ZPass holdouts waiting years and paying cash for tolls because I hated the idea of losing control of costs this way.

Truth is, costs in the Garden State go up regularly and you just have to suck it up until we get new leaders in Trenton who will actually represent and speak up for working and middle-class families.

Have to say I wasn't surprised to hear the stories of NJ drivers holding onto their New York State E-ZPass or proactively obtaining a Delaware pass in order to save on the fees charged in Jersey.

The question is how many NJ residents drive back and forth to work or make deliveries without the convenience of E-ZPass?

Or you can avoid tolls altogether:

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