This isn't anything that's major news, nor is it something that should bring concern. But it is a change you might've just noticed.

Perhaps not all parts of New Jersey have seen it happen quite yet, but it will. It's all part of the seasonal transformation.

When it comes to spring in The Great Garden State, a lot of changes can happen. Leading up to the season, for example, we start noticing flowers emerging from the ground.

We also see buds on trees begin to get bigger before they fall off or transform into leaves. And let's face it, it's pretty cool when that day comes when the trees suddenly have their leaves.

Insects emerging is another change. Although that one tends to be more gradual as opposed to sudden.

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It happens quick

In my part of Monmouth County, this change has already taken place. At least, in my neighborhood it has.

March 17 was actually the day it jumped out at me. It was a warm, partly sunny day with those perfect springtime vibes.

And while driving through my neighborhood, I noticed that everyone's lawns were suddenly much greener. Almost as if overnight they suddenly sprung back alive.

Not that they weren't green before, but they were dormant. It's crazy how fast that transformation from dormant to fully alive seems to occur.

Spring and nature background concept, Close up green grass field with blurred park background and sunlight.

Springtime observations

This change seems to happen like this every year. One day it has that winter-like appearance, whereas the next it's thriving once again.

And this change happens in some parts of New Jersey just before the onset of spring. Take a look around, have you noticed it too?

If not, just be patient, it's coming. On that same day I noticed the greener lawns here, the grass by the radio ranch was still dull looking.

But my guess is it won't be much longer before it too suddenly becomes a rich green and starts to grow once more. It's just another sign that warmer weather is right around the corner.

Green grass on sunny meadow morning sparkling dew water drops

More observations

Lawns becoming greener and suddenly becoming fuller is just one of the observations I notice every year that seems to happen at the flip of a switch. But you might notice other seasonal changes that happen just as swiftly.

Feel free to share your springtime observations that perhaps most might not think of in the comments. Yes, it's just grass, but it's still exciting to see it perk back up as the season progresses.


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