One of the things that remain a constant in New Jersey is probably one of the nicest. We can always count on seeing our feathered friends.

Although winter is a lot quieter than other seasons, birds are always present throughout the Great Garden State. Summer, as we know, is a completely different situation.

Spring and fall of course are transition seasons for them, when they migrate south and back again. And when spring rolls back around, most New Jersey residents can't wait to see the return of so many birds that call the Garden State home during the warmer months.

With that said, spring is also a time of year when many New Jersey residents get their bird feeders ready for the season. After all, it's nice to be able to feed the birds when they pay a visit to our yards.

"Male American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis) - Ontario, Canada"

No to feeders

Although it's nice to put out food for birds in New Jersey, there are those who are very much against it. It's not that they don't like birds, but rather, because they don't want to see any harm come to the animals.

And that's a valid point. None of us want to see anything happen to the birds that call New Jersey home, which means those concerns are only coming from a place of care.

It's also possible that some prefer no bird feeders because it's not natural. Bird feeders don't spring up in the wild, so why introduce them?

bird bath
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No to baths

For similar reasons above, some New Jersey residents are also against small bird baths. Again, it has nothing to do with disliking birds whatsoever.

Instead, it has more to do with their safety. Bird baths, much like bird feeders, can breed dangerous viruses and diseases that can harm them.

In some extreme cases, those diseases might even be fatal. And it's those concerns that people who are anti-birdfeeders have.

It's not that they hate birds, far from it. It's all about the safety of our wildlife, which I think we could all agree is paramount.

Humming Bird

Yes to birdfeeders

Remember, birds may be contaminating their own birdfeeders just by visiting them. That's important to keep in mind if you're someone who likes to feed the birds.

For those of us who do, make sure you clean your feeders thoroughly at least every week or sooner. Use a disinfecting cleaner that's safe to use, and stay on top of it.

Bird feeders are perfectly safe as long as those who put them out keep them clean. Again, it's so important to the health of the birds, especially if you like them visiting your yard.

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bird in flight
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Yes to birdbaths

Probably even more important to stay on top of is birdbaths. Simply put, don't let that water sit and get stagnant.

Especially when mosquito season rolls along. The last thing you need is to provide them with a pool of stagnant water... prime for mosquito eggs.

Much like the feeders, birds love birdbaths. As long as they're kept clean with refreshed water, they're perfectly fine to have in the yard.

Photo by Abeer Zaki on Unsplash

To those against

Look, your points are valid, but you can't get too upset whenever you see a bird feeder. If you happen to notice one in disarray or a birdbath that's absolutely filthy, then nobody should hold it against you to speak up.

But just as much as you're watching out for the birds' health, we have to hope that the owners of the bird feeder are too. And those bird feeders do attract birds from all over, which is always a welcomed sight to see.

Again, you're not wrong for being concerned. Hopefully, the owner of the feeders and baths is doing the right thing and keeping them clean.

On the rim

To those for

And for those of us who want birdfeeders better follow the advice above. Keep them clean, or don't keep them at all.

As long as they're properly maintained, you have nothing to worry about. With that said, let's welcome back our feathered friends to our neighborhood.

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