Today is "Red Nose Day" and while we're not exactly sure what it is, we do know that it was started by "Comic Relief" and raises lots of money to fight child poverty. What I also like about "Red Nose Day" is that it makes me think of the comics who just want to make you laugh. To them, it's not about taking a political side on one funny punchline that comes up at the end of the story, just a funny line or joke. I think we need them now more than ever.

For comics like Rodney Dangerfield, Groucho Marx, Gilbert Gottfried, Jay Leno, and Jackie Martling it's just about making you laugh and you know when Rodney would say "I tell you I don't get no respect" it was time to buckle your seat belt because you were going to laugh so hard you could end up crying. I would cry because I couldn't remember all those jokes that came so fast and I wanted to tell my friends.

Many comics today compromise themselves by making their political views known which makes the audience look at them through tainted glasses. Imagine how funny you have to be to make someone who doesn't agree with you laugh. Also since we want instant gratification and lots of "likes" the quicker the punchline, the more "laughs per minute" the funnier the comic will be perceived.

Either way, in a time when politics has invaded every aspect of our life including football (see National Anthem), take some time tonight and laugh at whatever you find funny. Then give to this very worthy cause.

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