A terrifying incident in a family's driveway had a happy ending because of a gun. The father of a 13 year-old girl was able to pull a gun on a man who was threatening to kill her. Fortunately the would be carjacker asked for money and the keys to another vehicle.

That apparently afforded the dad the opportunity to go into the house and get his gun. He pointed it at the carjacker and told him to get out of the car and on the ground. The man fled, but through good police work, law enforcement was able to apprehend this criminal. If dad didn't have a gun, who knows how this would have ended. Law abiding citizens with legally owned and register firearms thwart or prevent crimes often.

You hear about it all over the country in local media, but it rarely if ever makes national news. Why? It doesn't fit the anti-gun narrative of the left and the mainstream media. This episode happened nearly a year ago and we're only getting the details now. Why? You guessed it. We can't have the public in New Jersey wanting to protect THEMSELVES.

That's what the people in power in New Jersey have believed and enforced for decades, and the current administration would like to double down on that. Even where it makes sense and there is a potential danger judges in this state routinely turned down carry permits for qualified people who really demonstrate a need. It happened again this week. I hope this young girl and her family can recover from this horrific episode and live a normal, peaceful life. One thing is for sure, this family is far better off after that night because daddy had a gun.

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