With all the corruption in New Jersey, it's not hard to believe when you leave a full candy bowl out on your porch a kid might act as a politician and snatch the whole thing. What is hard to believe is that they'd later feel bad about it and return everything with an apology note.

A New Jersey Reddit user Blackxopsx4 posted this video of what his home surveillance camera caught on Halloween.

Kid steals entire Halloween treat bucket in my neighborhood from r/newjersey

Like so many busy homeowners who want to give out candy but also might need to be elsewhere at the same time (like taking your own kids trick or treating) these homeowners left a candy bowl out with the idea of each child taking only one. The honor system. But in New Jersey? Fuggetaboutit. Watch as the kid walks respectfully along the sidewalk then sees his opportunity. He not only takes the candy he gets that whole bowl in his bag! I love how he then abandons the sidewalk and just tears across the front lawn getaway style.

But wait, something happened 8 hours later that just might restore your faith in human beings. Apparently the caper got to the kid. The homeowner next posted this.

Boy sends apology note for stealing Halloween candy from r/newjersey

That's right, the kid returned the candy and apologized. Now did his conscience really get to him? Or is one of his parents on Reddit and saw this homeowner's post and recognized their kid? Either way, at least someone here had some integrity.

I've had this happen to me as well as far as the stolen candy bowl. It's a risk you take. The best you can hope for is a few honest kids got there first before the candy looting begins.

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