They say in radio that the callers make up about 15 percent of your audience. I'm not sure how that translates to those who are active on social media vs. those who couldn't care less. However, I personally don't have the time to whine about who won or lost at the Oscars online. But I give them credit for choosing "Green Book," despite the best shot social media had to offer.

"Green Book" is the true story of two men, Tony Vallelonga and concert pianist Dr. Don Shirley, who came together for a drive through the south in 1962 that opened up their eyes about each other and the world around them. Tony's son Frank told me that it's also a love story based on the letter that his father wrote to his mother with the help of Dr. Shirley.

Frank also said that it's his father's story and that he would never be the same after returning from that trip. His brother Nick, who won the awards for best screen play, wrote it with the permission of both his father and Dr. Shirley who asked that none of his family be consulted and that he write it after his death. Both Dr. Shirley and Vallelonga died in 2013.

"Green Book" is a great movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture despite what social media had to say. I wonder how many of those who posted actually saw the movie, or how many of those who posted are really sincere about their opinion or just trying to advance their brand. We live in a world where posts become news.

Whether you like "Green Book" or not, you have to like the fact that the judges did, "the right thing" as Governor Murphy would say, in going with their opinion rather than succumb to social media.

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