And this is why I don't get mad at people who go out of their way to try to "skip" the Hudson River tolls when going into NYC. It's never enough for the Port Authority. They now want to implement a $4 'access fee' to all passengers taking a taxi to Newark Airport, as well as JFK and LaGuardia. That includes being driven there in an old fashioned taxi and more modern methods like ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft.

The money would reportedly be used to "fund airport enhancements." Gee, where have we heard that before? Oh, when they told us the reason you need to break a 20 dollar bill to get into New York City was to fund road and infrastructure improvements that never happened.

Just another burden for New Jerseyans AND New Yorkers. points out that these NYC-area airports would be far from the first airports in the country to implement a similar fee, but they don't take into account all the other ways the Port Authority robs us in plain sight daily.

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