Not all heroes wear capes.

New Jersey's latest toll evader is Bertha D. Moreno of West New York. Ballsy Bertha, with 653 known E-Z Pass violations, was pulled over and arrested at the Lincoln Tunnel toll plaza in Weehawken on Monday, Jan. 23, according to's Katie Sobko. The report goes on to say an officer recognized the New Jersey registration on the vehicle as a suspected toll evader.

Good for Bertha Moreno. I mean, it sucks she got caught and has to, I assume, pay back all of this money accumulated in toll violations, but this is New Jersey and you do what you gotta do to get ahead. I am not going to advocate breaking the law, but let's be honest here, who is the real criminal? Bertha Moreno for not paying tolls, or the Port Authority charging $15 to drive into New York? You shouldn't have to pay $15 for the right to drive in an over-congested nightmare — overrun with pedestrians, potholes, and anxiety.

People will go to great lengths to avoid paying a toll here in New Jersey. Methods include using grease and homemade gadgets. Hell, our own website has a page dedicated to these people! Again, I will not say breaking the law here is good, but I do understand the desire to skip paying an exorbitant fee for virtually no reason. I would bet if Bertha Moreno is sorry at all, it's because she got caught.

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