According to a new Esurance analysis, New Jersey ranks 49th on their “commuter experience.” Only Delaware is worse, while Alaska was deemed to be the best.

The factors considered included time people spend commuting, how they commute, how safe they are on the road (using data on fatalities among motorists, motorcyclists, and bicyclists), and their overall work-related happiness and well-being. New Jersey was 40th in improved commute time, 41st in alternative method improvement (factoring bike use, carpool use, and mass transportation), 9th in safety, and 26th in work place happiness and well being.

According to a US Census ranking, New Jersey has the third longest commuting time in the country. I don’t know how having such long commutes translates to work place happiness and well being, but I guess the fact that we’re less likely to die on the way in to work helps.

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