David Pike lives in Jersey City and works in Brooklyn. As the bird flies (or as the fish swims) it's not that far. Yet conventional commuting meant mass transit and a trip of an hour and a half one-way.

A guest on Good Morning America, he said he would often look across the water and think how close it was yet how long it took. Finally he went for it.

He found a used Yamaha Wave Venture jet ski on EBay for $1,000. Nothing illegal about it, perhaps dangerous but not illegal, he began jet skiing to work in a trip that now takes only 15 minutes. He wears a life vest. His fellow commuters aren't commuters at all but cruise ships, paddle boarders and sea gulls. What does he do when he gets to Brooklyn? He made friends with people at a kayak dock and leaves his jet ski there.

I'm sure he has to change his clothes once he gets to work. In fact he has a wet suit ready for when the weather turns colder. And who knows what you smell like after crossing that water? But for him, for now, he says it's all worth it. He certainly looks happy, doesn't he?

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